Going With the Flow With Your Audience

I’ve tried rafting a couple of times. You jump into a raft with some strangers and go screaming down the river (loads of fun, BTW). You start at the top and your goal is to arrive somewhere down the river. How you actually get to that point is nearly impossible to plan in advance. There are so many waves, rocks and obstacles that you have to go with the flow and your instincts in order to reach your destination. Continue reading “Going With the Flow With Your Audience”


David Shing about narrow casting, influencers and the future of blogging

I never thought I would meet a prophet. Altho if I did meet one I was pretty sure he would be a digital one. Meet David Shing, the digital prophet of AOL. He was visiting the norwegian Be On office and did an inspiring talk.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with him a bit after his talk, and caught some of it on camera.



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